Why You Should Have an In-House Electrician?

If you are a real estate agent or you manage residential or business properties, it is recommended that you have an in-house electrician that you could call even in the wee hours of the evening. Electrical problems must be dealt with immediately because not only would this affect your relationship with your tenants and clients because this would inconvenience them terribly, it could also be a potential cause of a destructive fire.

Other important reasons why you should have an in-house electrician is as follows:

An In-House Electrician Could Do Preventive Maintenance

Prevention is always better than cure. When you have your in-house real estate electrician, you would have fewer complaints from your residents and tenants about faulty switches or blinking lights. An electrician who does their job not only repairing what is broken but also making sure that all lights, fuses, sockets, etc. are working properly is an asset to any real estate agent or facilities manager. When they do preventive check-ups and maintenance, not only would you be saved from headache because of endless complaints, you would also save money from likely expensive repairs in the future.

An In-House Electrician Could Give You Peace of Mind

Since electrical malfunctions could cause serious electrical fires, when you have an in-house electrician, you would not need to worry that much about electrical fires since this is one of those catastrophes that an electrician is trying to prevent. An electrician knows which hazardous electrics are the most common culprit of electrical fires.

No matter how much you as a real estate agent or facilities manager prepare the residential or business properties to be up to code and restrain any potential cause of electrical fires, but the residents and tenants lack the basic knowledge about preventing electrical fires, you would soon find yourself calling the fire station. At least, when you have an in-house electrician, they could educate the residents and tenants whenever they do routinary preventive maintenance.

An In-House Electrician Could Program a Customized Lighting Control System

A lighting control system could significantly save you money since it could lower your electricity bills. Light control dims or turns off if the area is bright enough. If a window provides natural light but it seems to be inadequate and you still need to turn on the light, the lighting control system would not turn the light on to its full capacity and instead would only provide the amount of light that the natural light from the windows lack.

When you have an in-house electrician, they could install a similar system to your office or any other common areas within the properties that you manage. It could even be a selling point for the properties you sell or rent out because who would not want a home or a business establishment that saves electricity?

When you have an in-house electrician, you could also be confident that your property is adhering to any local or national electrical code regulations and you would not need to worry about being fined.

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