What You Can Do to Improve Your Staffs’ Wellbeing

Not all companies or executives are concerned about the wellbeing of their staff and employees. This is not a part or even considered to be one of the administration’s priorities because they thought it is expensive, difficult to implement and or should not be a concern at all. Investing in the wellbeing of the staff should be the highest option because in the long run, it’s the company that would benefit the rewards since the productivity and efficiency of the staff would definitely improve.

There are easy ways you could do as immediate as now to improve the wellbeing of those people who work for you. With the simple changes you could implement, the positivity in the working environment would drastically change.

Fitness and Exercises Initiatives

Employers might not realize immediately how important encouraging exercising and leading a healthy and active lifestyle is to their employees. When the staff is physically fit, absenteeism because of sick leaves is lessened. But in reality, blood, oxygen and glucose level which are important to feed the brain is at a high when exercising.

When endorphins are released, the part of the brain that is responsible for memory and learning increases in size. Encouraging the staff to bike or walk to work, holding conferences and meetings offsite, offering yoga or other physical activity classes while at work are some of the physical initiatives you could do now for your staff.

Productivity Initiatives

When your employees are reassured that the company is open to hearing out their contributions in making the important decisions for the company, they would be more innovative and creative. A collaborative space could help the staffs’ wellbeing at workplace because they have a location where their input matters.

 Offering flexibility would also help them with their productivity. Employees with adjustable working time and flexible sign in and sign out and even working remotely as an option would have increased productivity. Professional development training that are necessary to help them improve their skills is another initiative you could manage to increase the employees’ output.

Emotional Wellness Initiatives

Professional settings often encourage that personal feelings should be left at home. So, to come up with initiatives that deal with the employees and staffs’ emotional wellness is a bit contradictory. But the thing that employers could do for the staff to encourage their emotional and mental wellbeing is to organize team building activities to help them de-stress especially if the activities are organized in a venue far from the office to assist the staff in separating their work life from the days that they are outside of the office. Assigning them a mentor or assigning the staff to another staff as their mentee would also help them foster a feeling of belonging.

Periodic performance reviews and evaluation is another way for the staff to be motivated and for you to show them they are appreciated. Not only would this help with their wellbeing, it is also an outlet for you to say your constructive criticisms.