What Is A Building Inspection?

Whether it be for buying or selling building inspection plays a very important role. It provides useful insight into the building to make the necessary alteration. For a buyer having the property in a very good condition, without any flaws increases their liking and chances of purchasing that property, as for the seller it would bring to light any shortcomings of the property so that particular changes can be made in order to sell the property In its best condition, this would help them in receiving a higher sum for the property as well as their clients will be more likely to purchase it.

In order to avoid problems or extra costs, knowing as much as possible about the property is very important, for this you can obtain a pre purchase report.

What Is A Pre-Purchase Report?

A pre purchase building inspection report provides you with information about the property before you can purchase it. This is in a written form that includes the condition of the purchase. This may give you information about maybe cracking in the wall if there is any moisture, faulty roof. They provide all this before you can sign the sales contract so that you can identify the faults of the property before you purchase which otherwise would have led to you incurring so many expenses.

What Is the Benefit of Getting the Pre-Purchase Report?

There are three main benefits with purchasing a building inspection report,

One, you can get to the problem before proceeding with the purchase. Second, if there are any issues you can negotiate a lower price with the seller as you would have to make some repairs.  Third, you can get professional advice on the property and get an opinion of how it would affect the purchase over time.

Consult A Professional

Make sure to consult someone properly trained in that area like a surveyor, licensed builder. These people unlike anyone else who are unprofessional would know what to look for and also can see through any cover-ups of flaws that can be missed when someone not proficient observes and provide you closure.


The form comes in a written format, the details and format would depend upon the property, its size and age, and the process of creating the report by the consultant. These things influence the cost of the report as well.

The forms come with a standard format, with categories that can be check listed or a report is specifically made for an individual’s property. A building inspector is only involved in reporting defects that are seen with the eyes not any other major defects or problem that can’t be seen; for example pests, problems are not included in their report, although the manifestation of the pests on the property may be reported therefore for pests problems you would have to contact a pest terminator.

The consultant generally would provide information on the interior and exterior of the property, the status of the roof, floor area, roof exterior. The locations inspected are the garage, laundry room, stairs, fences, driveway, water drainage system and etc. you can even ask them to inspect any area you wish.