Wearing High-Heels: How to Join Style and Comfort

The truth about wearing high-heels is that most of us have a love hate relationship with them. We love to wear them but hate it when the pain starts. And sometimes we just bear it like the pain is a necessary evil. But, have you ever thought that there are ways to ensure the high heels don’t hurt you as much? Especially if wearing heels is something you truly love, how can you wear them without the usual aches in the toes and the balls of our feet?

Shop At the end of the Day

You might have already heard about this. But have you ever asked why? When you shop for high-heels at the end of the day, your feet are swollen and are slightly bigger in size. This might not change your shoe size entirely but it will make a considerable difference when you try on a high-heeled shoe. Shopping at the end of the day will allow you to figure out how a pair of shoes will fit you at all times of the day; not just when you are relaxed and sitting down, but also when you are busy and have to walk around.

Right Size

Choosing the right sized shoe is important no matter what style of shoe you want to wear. But when it comes to high-heels, the wrong size can make your life extra hard. In order for the shoes to provide a well-balanced support, your feet need to be snug and firmly fit inside the shoe. Sizes too small can lead to pains, cramps and chaffing of the feet while sizes too big for you will make it dangerous to walk in them. So, make sure to try them on every time you buy a new pair. If you are ordering a pair online, make sure to refer to the size chart.

Do Your Test Run

The difference between buying heels and any other accessory is that it is not just about standing in front of the mirror and check if you look good in them. You also have to walk a little distance and see how comfortable you are with them. Do you feel unbalanced? Does the material cut or scratch into the skin when you move? Do the toes or the balls of the feet feel too much pressure? Does the height of the heel make you nervous or imbalanced?  If so, they are not the right pair for you. Remember that you are unlikely to just sit around all day even with a pair of heels on. So, make sure to pick a pair that you are confident to walk with.


When we wear heels, elevation of the heel of the foot makes the pressure comes down to the ball and the toe of the foot. The best way to reduce this pressure and the pain that comes with is choosing cushioned soles. The padding in the cushioned sole can distribute the pressure evenly. You can also use shoe insoles for this purpose. Insoles are additional soles you can insert into your shoes to cushion the feet, make your feet fit well inside the shoe and make it more comfortable to wear them.

The next time you are shopping for high-heels, keep these tricks in mind. With the right pair of heels, you can be comfortable while also being chic and stylish.


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