Ways to Help Your Pregnant Friend

Pregnancy is quite difficult even if it’s the first, second or third time. Having someone around to help is always good news as the mom could make use of all the help she could get. With the various bodily changes, hormonal imbalances and mood swings, she must be feeling low.  If you have a pregnant friend, here are some things you can do for her that will be have her elated and appreciative of you.

Bring her food

Bring her food without asking! It is possible that she will tell you that it is not necessary however, it is very necessary. When a mom doesn’t even have time to do her hair, she has much less time to start cooking, so she’ll really appreciate being able to eat something homemade and fresh from time to time.

Pregnant moms with not much help around will usually cook for the whole week at once and heat it up every time, or will eat microwavable ready-made food. This is quite unhealthy and also boring for her. So take her home cooked and fresh food every once in a while.

Offer to help around the house

Can you imagine carrying around almost 10 lbs in the stomach and staying on your two feet? It is highly possible that she has a pile of dirty laundry to be done, some mopping and cleaning left, some bills to pay and some grocery shopping to be done.

You can help her by doing some of these chores and relieving her of them. You can even contribute to setting up the baby room as the dad could be extremely busy with work. Help paint the walls, put together the crib, check out some baby room decor Australia ideas online.

Offer your help with your older child

Mothers who have older children often feel guilty for not being able to play with them or care for them in the same way as before. Your pregnant friend maybe exhausted all the time but the older child also deserves attention, support and a lot of love since after the arrival of his brother or sister, he may feel overwhelmed and insecure.

It is vital that he does not feel left out or ignored. As he is also in a growing age, emotional trauma can be detrimental. He might come to hate the newborn baby too. So, you can spend some time with him, so that he does not feel alone.

Allow her to treat herself

You can invite her to walk so that she can relax for a while. If she gets tired you can take advantage of it and go to a restaurant and tell her that she can eat whatever she wants. Take her shopping as she may have outgrown all her clothes. Some new outfits will cheer her up. Take her to get a mani-pedi done too. She needs to feel pampered and well treated for at least that day as when she gets home, she’ll fall back to her exhausted life.


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