Top Trends in the year 2020

Everyone can agree that the year 2020 is the craziest time to be alive, although to be honest everyone is actually just plain thankful to be alive and to stay alive during this year. For what it’s worth the world was suddenly halted to a stalemate by a pandemic, but the great things are still happening. It would be too crazy optimistic to say that it has not affected all people and it would be an understatement that many people suffered, lost jobs, many died. But this whole thing did not stop the human spirit to thrive beyond and transcend its current situation.

Many of the people who lost businesses and jobs were actually quite optimistic about landing another job or getting another business loan for a new venture. The whole thing which should have turned everything awry did not. Although slowed down by, the human experience and resilience still paved way for life to go on and continue even in a slower pace. People still loved and cared, artists flourished, lives were built and rebuilt, and trends all over the world paved way for humanity to transcend.

Here are the top trends and events that happened in the year 2020.

Eco-Friendly lifestyle

When a person is not too distracted in the noise of everyday life, he finds his eyes focusing on himself and then on his immediate surroundings. Thus, the Eco-friendly lifestyle was born because of these factors. The thought of having a pandemic ravage the whole world made people realize the shortness of life and the value of a clean and green world that may be passed on the next generation or whoever survives. The human spirit is still intact when it strived to undo the damages it has inflicted on mother earth, by altering his lifestyle to fit into the need of preserving the world, or making it a better place for everyone.


Many people wanted to change the way they live. During the onslaught of the first wave many smokers were actually very worried about their health because their habits may contribute to them being susceptible to any sickness, and so many smokers tried to quit. For those with hard convictions, they were able to stop smoking, but for those who had a hard time quitting they tried snus and it worked. What is snus tobacco? It is a tobacco pouch which is placed in the mouth of a person who is craving to smoke but is trying not to. Snus aids in the control of nicotine addiction and it helps people became less at risk with their health.


People were quarantined during the pandemic, for many of these people boredom was the worst enemy. We are forced and some were compelled to stay indoors in fear of aggravating the current health crisis. In the height of being isolated and bored, people started to pursue a healthy lifestyle by exploring indoor exercise. It was not until the first half of the year that people started to do yoga and all sorts of exercise just to combat the stress and live a healthier lifestyle.

All in all, the human spirit will never be suppressed in its expression in terms of health and well-being.


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