Tips to Make Your Car’s Exterior Last Longer

There are so many factors and elements that can cause damage to your car’s exterior. Aside from regular wear and tear, natural factors such as weather and temperature conditions are huge contributors that cause your car’s exterior to deteriorate. During summer months, extreme heat and UV rays from the sun can damage the paint and also make some car parts brittle or worn out. Keep your car protected and minimize the damage it takes from the sun with these useful tips.

Keep It Under the Shade

If possible, park your car under the shade or somewhere away from direct sunlight. Aside from protecting the paintjob of your car from fading, it also keeps your car cool inside and ready for use. It may not seem like a big deal, but leaving your car under the sun’s harsh rays everyday can definitely cause its paint to fade and lose its vibrancy. Find a shaded spot first before parking such as a tree, parking lot or a garage. You may also want to add a carport into your home to have a safe and protected spot to park your car when not in use. Get the right carport for your car from the finest carport builders in Melbourne.

Wash It Regularly

Washing your car on a regular basis helps a lot in keeping its paint looking fresh and new. Rinse it first using a hose to remove dust and loose dirt. After, scrub it gently with a soft cloth dipped in soapy solution to remove accumulated dirt. When you still see stubborn grime stuck on it, use a clay bar and glide it over those problems areas to remove them. After washing, take some time to dry your car with a soft cloth to prevent water spots from forming on the paint which lessens its shiny look.

Apply Wax

Aside from washing, waxing is also an important part in maintaining your car’s paintjob. Usually, this is done after a deep clean. When the car’s paint is thoroughly clean, dry it first and then apply a coat of wax evenly. This serves as a layer of protection that prevents dirt from sticking into the car’s paint. It’s smooth and shiny finish makes the dirt just slide off the surface. Aside from protecting your car’s paintjob, waxing also makes your car look shiny and brand new again.

Keep A Car Cover

It may not seem that necessary but having a car cover handy at all times can help you a lot during times when there’s no shaded area to park your car. Instead of leaving your car to roast under the sun’s heat, you can protect its paint from damage by putting on a car cover on it. It is definitely useful especially for sudden summer events or trips.

Cars are big investments and they don’t come cheap. With proper car and maintenance, you can make your car last longer both in its interior and exterior. Try those tips above and see the difference it makes it preserving the beauty of your car.


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