Things to Prepare Before A Baby Comes

The final few days before baby is born can be hectic, all the last-minute shopping and preparation that you put off finally needs to be done. You now have no time to procrastinate any tasks, as you will have to be ready at any time. This is why having an already packed hospital bag is a must do as you can never say when you will need it.

The bag you take to the hospital should have a list of things that have been specified by the hospital and also your basic requirements. Apart from the hospital requirement many new mothers may leave out certain items while being in the rush of things or merely as they are unaware, they need it. Regardless here are a list of basic and must have things in your hospital bag.

Clothes for the mother

Regardless of the type of birth you have you been still going to need clothes. Maternity gowns, comfortable cotton underwear, feeding bra and other basic clothes are a must pack as the days in hospital may sometimes vary. If you feel more comfortable bringing your own towel and blanket may also help you feel more at ease. Personalize the experience as much as possible in order for it to be an easy and comforting process.


A new mother will need to shower often, staying clean and comfortable will help her take care of her baby better as well. So instead of using the in-house bar of soap or shampoo ensure you pack your own before going. Your body has been through a lot so small toiletries such as moisturizer and even a little perfume will help revive you and make you feel fresh. Items such as a toothbrush and toothpaste will of course need to be brought from home.


Before being admitted for deliveries there are mandatory documents that will need to be signed or brought from home. ID copies, insurance cards and even Doctor’s notes will need to be within reach at any point. It is highly recommended that you pack these well ahead of time so nothing will be missed. Keep them in a folder for easy reference and organization.

Baby essentials

A newborn will need an entire list of times. A blanket or baby muslin wraps are highly recommended so that your newborn feels safe and warm. Other items such as diapers, clothes and even baby creams will come in handy. Check with the hospital on what exactly is required for the baby so that you do not miss anything.

Reading material

As a new parent you may not have much time to do any reading but during your hospital stay keep a few things to keep you occupied. Books or even digital reading material will come in handy. Reading about your baby will also help clarify any questions with your Doctor before leaving. It will help you to be better informed and thus better prepared.


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