The Importance of Probiotics for The Body

When we hear the word bacteria, we assume it is something bad that makes us sick and should be kept away. However, there are two types of bacteria and probiotics are the good type. It is a type of bacteria that is beneficial to the body and helps fight illnesses and bad bacteria. Probiotics are bacteria that naturally live in your body but can also be externally consumed for an additional boost to your health.

How does it work?

The main job of a probiotic is to keep the body in a healthy balance. When you are sick or undergoing an illness your body’s natural processes are hindered due to the bad bacteria kicking in. this is when the probiotics help to regain the body’s functions by killing off the bad bacteria. It also helps everyday functions such as digestion, creating vitamins and supporting the overall immune system of the body.

Where do probiotics live?

The most common place for these good bacteria or microbes to live is in the gut there are quite a few other places as well. The gut and mouth are both necessary for the digestion system and therefore have the largest amounts of probiotics. Other places include the urinary tract, lungs and skin.

What medical conditions do probiotics help fight?

The extent to which probiotics fight other sicknesses is still being researched. However there are many other types of sicknesses probiotics can help reducing or avoiding. As mentioned earlier probiotics are largely evident in the gut and digestive system and therefore helps against related sicknesses.

Some of them include diarrhea, constipation and irritable and inflammable bowel diseases. Apart from digestive system related sicknesses other include yeast infections, Urinary Tract Infections, lactose intolerance and the common flu and sinuses.

Foods that are rich in probiotics

While the body does naturally produce probiotics a lot of them also come from the food we consume. Although many foods these days are artificially produced and are deemed not healthy, there are many foods that are rich in probiotics.

They include:

Yoghurt and buttermilk-Which can be consumed for breakfast giving the necessary boost for the day. They can also be mixed in with other foods as alternatives.

Cottage cheese

Fermented pickles

Fermented sauerkraut

Sourdough bread

Probiotics can also be consumed through supplements, which are designed to give that additional boost. This is recommended if your immune or digestive system needs boosting. You can find probiotic supplements online from various sites that are recommended by doctors and specialists. Although probiotics are needed for the body the degree to which is it really helpful is yet being researched.

However, the supplements are given a try and recommended, as they are harmless if not used extensively. It is best to consult a doctor or specialist if you face any symptoms that can be linked to a lack of probiotics. The brand and ingredients are very important so it is best to consume supplements per a doctor’s recommendation.


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