The History of Indian Jewellery and its Significance

Indian jewellery is quite famous for its enchanting and captivating nature. It is admired and loved by many all across the globe because of its everlasting charm and diverse designs. The use of jewellery in India and the subcontinent in general dates back to thousands of years as it is embedded in their culture and traditions. Over the course of time, new variations have been added to it as many new designers are now offering a unique blend of both western and Indian jewellery designs.

History of Indian Jewellery

The history of Indian jewellery starts off way back during the era of Mahabharat and Ramayana. A few pieces of the Indian jewellery were also found from the Indus valley civilization. Initially, the jewellery worn by the people back then was very simple as it was made up of stones, strings, beads or metal in some cases. However, with the passage of time new innovation was added to the world of jewellery designing.

The Mughal empire in the 16th century were the ones who came up with new ideas and innovations as they had immense knowledge and skills in terms of art, crafts, jewellery engineering and how different metals and gems can be used to create something different and unique. The Mughal Empire owned precious stones and metals hence metals like gold indian jewellery and silver indian jewellery were merely associated and treated as a sign of social status.

Furthermore, India was one of the countries who dealt mainly in exporting gems as well as mining diamonds for the first time. It was used by many Mughal emperors as a form of giving royal gifts to different royal families and to maintain their overall social status and symbol to a considerable extent.

Significance of Indian Jewellery

In India, the role of jewellery is much more than any other country as it is linked to their tradition and culture.  The amount of jewellery owned or worn by women determines her financial status and also adds as a form of security once she gets married. Indian bridal look is incomplete without heavy Indian jewellery or statement bridal jewellery sets.

The actual beauty of the jewellery lies in its unique and intricate design and the skills that are used to craft a piece. The craftsman are highly skilled and then need ample amount of time to create different pieces for Indian brides.

Indian classical dancing is also linked with the use of Indian jewellery as it is also used to highlight and signify the type of dance forms that exist within the Hindu culture. The classical dancers make sure that they are adorned with heavy jewellery before they perform on the stage in front of their intended audience. The style of jewellery is going to vary as it depends on the form of dance. However, with each passing day, the use of jewellery is penetrating into other cultures as well and it is helping the Indian jewellery and its designers to expand and become famous to a considerable extent.