The Guide to Selecting the Right Box for Packaging

The most enticing part of custom boxes is to be able to incorporate the logo print. Indeed, it sets a new level in packaging, which shows great credibility to the end-users. For instance, shipping a parcel in a plastic bag, or a regular cardboard box can be very dull.

Moreover, it can negatively impact the shoppers’ experience. On the other hand, shipping goods in custom boxes with logo print tend to have high reliability and have more authenticity. Thus, it also helps to generate customer loyalty for the business.

Custom boxes with logo prints have a positive impact on the buyer’s shopping experience. It also helps the buyer feel more secured about their purchase. A logo is a must-have element when it comes to custom boxes packaging.

However, as a business, one must pay close attention to selecting the right type of custom box for packaging. While there are some box styles that are standard for certain industries, some boxes are specially crafted to suit the business’s needs. Below mentioned is the list of different types of box packaging and following it are the relevant users and industries.

Few examples of custom boxes packaging solutions

Custom Box Type- Cosmetic box

Relevant user: It is useful for any seller dealing with cosmetic products, operating either from their physical shop or eCommerce business. Hence, cosmetic boxes are an appropriate option as cosmetic-related products require secure stock storage. Besides that, the boxes are also made in smaller sizes to make the best fit for the product.

Custom Box Type- Display box

Relevant user: These custom boxes are usually used at the store end for cash registers, raffle draw entries, checkout displays, etc. The pricing for this box depends on the size, quantity, and design. However, in general, it is relatively budget-friendly.

Custom Box Type- Environmentally friendly box

Relevant user: It is the best choice for all businesses as a whole. However, more ideal for businesses who pledge to go green and prevent environmental destruction.

These eco-friendly boxes are crafted with extra care and use sustainable materials. On some occasions, certain manufactures create these custom boxes using recyclable materials. Besides that, businesses can use these custom boxes with logo print and a personalized message to promote the good cause of saving the planet.

Custom Box Type- Food and beverage box

Relevant user: This box category is an ideal option for businesses in the food industry, where the protection of the item inside is critical. The pricing for this box type depends on the size of the box, shape, extra elements, and the colours used. It is vital to have custom boxes with logo prints, as the market for this industry is huge. Nowadays, even home bakers have picked up the pace of the competitions. An example of it is, these bakers have production made to orders, thus- they mostly use regular standard boxes and customize it by pasting their logo stickers.

On the other hand, established bakeries and food chains have their unique style and design presented on these custom boxes. An example of it is KFC; their takeaway packages for family meals are crafted in their standard colours in red and white. These custom boxes with logo print also have a handle that makes it easier for the buyer to carry around. 


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