The Fasteners and Fixings That You Should Have to Hand

Any person who wants to work around their house, or be a handyman needs to know what kind of tools they will need in their tool kit. Some of the tools that you should always have to hand are things like bolts, nuts, washers, O-rings and screws. Sometimes you may not be really sure about the kinds of tools that you should be carrying on you and that is alright.

This article will give you some idea about what you should be investing in as most of these tools will be needed in pretty much any emergency. When it comes to fasteners and fixings, they will be available in a wide range of materials, shapes and sizes. Some of the more common varieties that you should have in hand are what we have one through below.

Types of Screws

Screws can prove to be some very useful alternatives for nails when it comes to certain types of projects around the house. Bugle screws for example are one such kind. You will find that screws are much easier to remove and that they are also much less likely to bend and get all crooked on you. They will also give more support as well as strength. However, when you buy these screws, you should also make sure that they match up with the screwdrivers that you have got in hand.

Bolt and Nut Types

If you think that there are any items or structures that will need any additional strength, bolts are what you will have to look for. Most of the time, bolts are not expensive so you should be able to source some of these easily. When it comes to different types of nuts that you can use, these will usually be used with a blot or a screw so that they can be locked down and held against the surface that they are placed in.

Cable Ties and Staples

When it comes to cable ties you will need some of these on you at all times so that you can hold various pipes, cables or wires in place without it looking all messy and getting entangled. It will give the final result a better look and will also help you stay organized.

Just like in the case of cable ties, staples are also superb when it comes to tackling things like carpeting. You can also use these with any other kind of wood involving project. However, do keep in mind that apart from these too, there are types of fasteners that you can be using in your projects. Both cable ties and staples are quite easy to find and are also not at all expensive.

How Can You Choose the Right Types for The Projects That You Handle?

Most of the items that we have discussed will serve one very specific purpose. They cannot be used in any case in any manner that you would like to. You for example, should not look for temporary solutions such as using duct tape, and you should not be using the same items in each kind of project as that might affect the durability and the quality of your work.


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