The Advantage of Screw Type Mechanisms

The world of industry and construction is a pretty big place and we’re here to give you a little explanation as to why screw type mechanisms are often great for holding things in place, as opposed to nail type mechanisms. Screws and other equipment that use threading are very well reputed for so many reasons, they are made from a variety of different materials and can be used for all kinds of applications from making eye bolts that carry thousands of pounds to the tiny screw that you use to hold your shelves up.

Screw mechanisms and threading have been around for a long time and so has the eye bolt. The eye bolt is a commonly used connection point that is used to take up a load. It is often used in rigging, hoisting, pulling etc. If you’re in the market for some good eye bolts or any industrial equipment and apparatus, do check out eye bolts. They produce some really good, sturdy equipment.

So, what are some of the advantages of having this kind of threaded mechanism? For starters, screws simply provide a mechanical advantage. By driving in a screw or threading it into place, far less energy is expended as opposed to driving in a nail. If you’re a builder using a hand tool, this can mean that far less strain is placed on your hand as opposed to using a hammer. This will generally mean that the project flows smoother and is generally better. The key takeaway is that screws are just more convenient than most other bonding mechanisms like nails.

Another advantage to consider is that screws are strong. They use a threading mechanism to basically lock into place with the opposing threading and produce a firm grip with the bonded surface. Screws are generally far better than other mechanisms in this aspect because the likelihood of them tearing out of the wall or bonded surface is very small. A problem with nails is that they may be more accessible to most people, but they come at a great cost. They are often prone to coming out of the surface and they may shrink, rust, or expand over time. This is not ideal, and screws don’t have this problem. As such screws are generally more dependable and a construction manager or engineer may be able to use less of them and space them further apart when connecting two surfaces or objects.

Screws are also great at resisting rust. Because screws have a little cap on them, if used properly the cap will prevent the shaft of the screw from rusting. This is because the screw cap prevents dirt, contaminants, and moisture from entering the opening. Of course, depending on the environment, the cap might eventually begin to rust. However, its mere presence makes a significant difference and that is why they are favored by engineers.

Another reason to opt for screw type mechanisms is that they are extremely easy to remove. If you used a hand tool to screw it in, the same tool can generally be used to take it out.


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