Sustainable & Fashionable? You Can Have Both!

The fashion industry as a whole is very consumerism driven and it is having a huge negative impact on our environment. The one true answer to this problem is ethical and sustainable fashion! Sustainable fashion is on the up and coming! More brands are becoming aware of the dire effects of fast fashion and they are making steps towards sustainability. However, many still wonder if you can have both sustainable and fashionable and the answer is, yes! Living an ecofriendly life is all about making small changes that make a big impact on the long run. We have put together a list of ways in which you can adopt a sustainable approach to your everyday fashion and style.

Know Your Materials

When it comes to being a conscious consumer, it is important to always remember that micro fibers and other various materials have a negative impact on the environment. Whether you’re buying bamboo underwear or cotton shirts, it is always important to keep this in mind. Ethically sourced materials that are eco-friendly is your best bet. Everything from your underwear to your cotton shirts can be eco-friendly so there is a lot of options that you can choose from nowadays. Be educated in ways you can contribute towards sustainable living as it is one of your primary responsibilities.

Revamp Old Clothes

Instead of buying new clothes every time your favorite pair of jeans looks a little worn in, you can add new life back into these pieces with just a simple dye or transforming it into a different DIY project and make something else out of it. It is important to note that recycling old clothes is really important. You can recycle and transform these pieces into new clothes.

Buy Used

Buying used items whether it’d be clothes or furniture can save you a quick buck but also save you the guilt that comes later on. You can rest easy knowing that you’re positively contributing to the earth with your shopping habits and practices. There is no shame in using used or refurbished items. One of the best places to buy used clothes are garage sales or thrift stores. Thrift stores are all over so don’t be shy to explore and find some pieces of clothing that you can see yourself wearing.

Shop Sustainable Brands

If you want to avoid any mishaps, it is always good to shop with trusted sustainable brands that contribute positively towards a plethora of environmental issues. Sustainable brands are ever increasing so it wouldn’t be too hard to find a favorite!

Think Longevity

Whether you’re buying jewelry or a handbag, always think of how long you can use the item for. Instead of opting for fast fashion, try to buy items with the longevity of it in mind. By doing so, you will avoid producing a lot of waste from your household. Less wastage means less contribution to landfills and as a result less contribution to the emission of greenhouse gasses that are produced from landfills all over the world. Longevity is key when being a conscious consumer.