Refrigerated Trucks Transport More Than Just Food

The first thing that pops into mind when interstate of local transport of perishable goods is required is the humble reefer truck. A modern-day engineering marvel. The reefer truck is essential a refrigerator on wheels and will take your frozen items from point a to point b without too much hassle. But it’s time to widen our perspective just a little bit. Refrigerator truck haul perishables. But perishables are more than what we think of as fresh fruit and veggies, dairy, and meat products. Oh no, Perishable goods include all kinds of other high value goods which require specific temperatures and humidity levels to be at their best. What do these products encompass? Read on to find out.

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Regulations and economics have expanded the cold-chain substantially and the industries that require cold storage are multiplying faster than ever. Here are just a few of the industries that require it.

Pharmaceutical – It is common knowledge that some drugs require specific temperatures and humidity levels to be stored effectively. Namely insulin and all manner of vaccines require it to stop them from degenerating. The importance of having cold storage for this industry really cannot be overstated because if it weren’t for the humble reefer truck, numerous lives would be at stake, as certain drugs would essentially be rendered ineffective and even harmful.

Tobacco- Yes, the somewhat outmoded tobacco leaf used in cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobacco require careful temperature and humidity regulation. Why? Because the tobacco plant degenerates and dries out very quickly. In order to prevent this degeneration, tobacco needs cooling, and even after purchase tobacco remains in specially made boxes called humidors.

Fine Art – Yes, the Picasso’s and Monet’s of old can’t be carried in just your normal old truck. Seeing how valuable they are due to their age; art historians recommend that they travel in very controlled environments which are temperature and humidity controlled.  Fine art includes, oil paintings, antiques, other valuable items.

Personal care products – It cannot be overstated just how important refrigeration and humidity control is to properly transport these items. Cosmetics, perfumes, and personal care products in general tend to spoil and degrade if exposed to high temperature and therefore require specially designed reefer trucks to manage this during the trip from the manufacturer to the retailer.

Chemicals – We have all seen some movie or another that requires specific temperatures to be maintained of a chemical else the world comes crumbling down. Well, there are certain chemicals that really do require this. Unstable chemicals for example can’t handle the energy surplus of a warm environment and require cold temperatures in order to be stable and not explode. Ultimately cold storage is incredibly important for a wide array of industries.


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