Reasons Why Cleaning the Gutter Is Important and How to Do It

A properly maintained house results in a beautiful house. When it comes to maintaining the house the things that come to the mind are the lawn, the driveway, backyard and the interior of the house and maybe even the roof. The most overlooked but important thing that needs cleaning is the gutters.Attached to the roof these often go unnoticed but neglecting the cleaning of gutters comes with its own set of problems.

Breeding Places for The Insects

Debris from the roof due to the effect of wind and water are swept into the gutter. Not cleaning them leads to clogging of the gutter. A clogged gutter is an optimum niche for insects. Stagnant water isa good place for the breeding of mosquitos, and also some spiders may establish their homes here. This might not seem like a huge issue, but mosquitos are vectors of many diseases.

man installing house roof rain gutter system

Damage to The Roof

Gutters are present to drain water, but when those things get clogged due to the debris, the water starts accumulating and overflowing, this overflowing may backup into the roof causing damage to the roof and cause leaking in to the homes. The fascia can also be affected, this is the board that’s attached to the roof. The water that accumulates may lead to the damage of this ultimately resulting in you repairing the entire thing. This is another reason why hiring gutter cleaners Melbourne is important.

Damage to The Exterior of The House

The water that overflows may drip down the wall to damage the soil around causing some disruption in the foundation as well as the water that may drip directly down the wall to the foundation freeze up during winter which can destabilize the foundation leading to cracks

Closeup on new rain gutter system and roof protection from snow board (Snow guard) on house construction

The reasons above show the importance of gutter cleaning, the first thing you need to do is determine if there has been any damage to your gutter system.

Damage to The Gutter

If there has been ay damage like cracks or splits its best that you repair that. If there is peeling off of paint it shows that water has gotten on to its surface because the paint on the gutter is water resistant. Therefore, look for any clogs and remove them

If you see water that is present it indicates clogged gutter which requires unclogging. Inspect the gutter for cracks because this could lead to leaks and sagging gutter indicates that gutter should be replaced.

Clean the Gutter

Equipment that is necessary for cleaning the gutter are a ladder, gloves, gutter scoop, garden hose and bucket. It’s ideal to clean the gutter during spring and autumn clear out the leaves that might have fallen. Do not clean gutter immediately after the rain. Keep some time for the debris to dry thereby making it easy the removal of dirt.

Place the ladder safely near the area you are going to start cleaning, wear your gloves this would prevent your hand getting dirty especially if the debris is a little moist, using the gutter scoop collect all the debris and put them in the bucket and lastly flush out the remaining dirt using the garden hose, start with a high stream and shoot the water starting at one end towards the down sprout.

By cleaning your gutter regularly, you can ensure aclean and safe house.


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