Pallet Wrapping 101: Basic Things You Need to Know

A lot of industries use pallets. Pallets are used for storing, transporting, handling and even a base for assembling complex machineries and products. When it is used for transporting and or shipping, the pallets serve as protection for the product to be moved. This is one of the main reasons why pallets are wrapped, to make sure that the product arrives in one piece.

Hand wrap or machine wrap

Wrapping the pallets is either done by hand or with the help of a machine. There are pros and cons to both methods. Wrapping pallets by hand could be considered cost effective because you do not need to invest on a machine.

But on the other hand, you could be wasting money on the shrink wrap or film because the pallets are not uniformly wrapped and your staff or employee could end up overwrapping the pallet. When you hand wrap your pallets, the only space you would need is the space the size of the pallet and a little wiggle room for your employee to walk around in circle while holding the film. With a stretch wrapping equipment, you would need a bigger space to accommodate the machine.

Colour coded wrap

There are times when the pallet and the product are already wrapped and there’s been a mistake in labelling it or the tag to identify it was lost or misplaced. During this situation, the only thing left to do is to unwrap the pallet and to make sure that the product is properly labelled to avoid any confusion, or worse, delivering the wrong product to the other side of the globe.

Fortunately, pallet wraps also come in colour making it easier for identification. When you use coloured pallet wrap, you could designate a colour to a certain product or to a certain district where the products would be shipped. With this, the percentage of errors would be lessened even if the tags and labels on the pallets got misplaced.

Pallet tops and pallet corner boards

Pallet tops are used to keep your pallets dry. They are also another level of protection especially if the products the pallets are protecting are fragile. Using black pallet tops also provide a layer of privacy as opposed to other coloured pallet tops and wraps that are translucent.

Pallet corner boards on the other hand protects the pallets’ corner since these are the spots that experience the most shock and impact during transportation. With pallet corner boards, you could ensure that the pallets could still be used in the future. They also reinforce the loads especially if you would be stacking two to three pallets on top of another.

Net pallet wrap

Net pallet wrap is another type of pallet wrap that is commonly used when fresh produce is the product being transported or other kinds of products that need to breathe and might end up being damaged if tightly wrapped.

Knowing this basic information about pallet wrap could ensure that you are using the wraps effectively in your business’ daily operation.