Job Responsibilities of An Auto Body Mechanic

Panel beater is the phrase most widely used in Australia and Britain, and in the US, they are known as auto body mechanics.   Panel beaters operate to repair cars and return them to dealership approval after a crash or other form of damage. Some perform extra cosmetic work and helping vehicle owners to customize their cars, and others are specializing in the types of vehicles they work on.

Following are the general job responsibilities of panel bater

Handle Vehicle Restorations

According to most job portals the main task of a panel beater is to repair cars to the condition of the factory. This includes first evaluating the damage to the vehicle and deciding when and how to conduct restoration work. The panel beater then must remove the broken panels and parts, either by breaking them off or disconnecting them from the car.

Based on the form and extent of damage, the panel beater either removes or restores the broken section using hydraulic, mechanical and metalworking equipment. They would then reconnect the fixed parts with the welding equipment and patch the teeth with plastic fillers and the paper.

You can find many panel beater Dandenong has quite a few specializing in restoration.

Do Cosmetic Work

In addition to conducting practical repairs, panel beater activities require the provision of comprehensive services to enhance the appearance of a car.  Services may be extended to damaged cars by grinding, painting, sanding and polishing the car after improvements have been completed.

They can also do strictly cosmetic work on cars that are otherwise fully running. These facilities have been designed to preserve the new feel of the vehicle, which may include chips and scuff fixes, waxing and polishing, glass repairs, interior repairs and wheel detailing.

Carry out customization projects

Highly qualified panel beaters may also perform modification work such as fixing classic cars, updating vehicles or constructing a brand-new vehicle. For customers with antique cars that are no longer operating, the panel beater will need to fix the whole car engine and do in-depth electrical works to get the car going again.

Panel beaters can also modify cars by replacing or fixing the transmission or repairing to make the car quicker, smoother or easier to pick up. Panel beaters may also operate on “hot rods,” cars with large engines tuned for speed.

Specializing in vehicle models

Although most panel beaters operate mainly on vans, 4-door and coupes, others excel in other automobiles as well. Some may deal in vehicle configurations, such as trucks, busses and trailers, while others may operate in entirely different modes of transport, such as bikes or aircraft. Field work involves a complex range of skills as well as special equipment such as, arc welders, sanders and magnetic dent removers.

Full Administrative Tasks

Panel beaters must maintain up-to-date documentation of their tasks and their time to decide how much to bill a client. They also consult with clients’ insurance providers to find out how much of the expense the client is going to have to pay out of wallet.

The Bureau of Labour Statistics in the US states that certain panel lists own their own businesses and are thus expected to perform day-to-day administrative and commercial duties. Panel beaters who are company owners may also be interested in handling financial preparation, staff compensation, equipment expenses and other management activities.


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