How to Start Face Painting Like A Pro

Body art is not a new trend. In fact, people have been using this type of technique way back many years ago to decorate themselves for festivals, rituals, and other occasions. Today, body art is a lot different than before especially the type of materials and supplies artists use to paint the skin.

Face painting is one of the most popular trends in body art. It can be used for a variety of purposes – fun activity for parties, kids’ art activity, and even for shows and cosplays. Although it looks like a simple process, it actually requires a lot of skill and practice to create a perfect face painting. If you’re planning to start face painting as a form of hobby, here are some of the best tips you should try out to start face painting like a pro.

Keep Your Hand Steady

One of the challenges you’d face when face painting is shaky hands. It would be great if you have naturally steady hands but not everyone has that. There are times when your hands won’t simply be steady like when you’re nervous or you had too much coffee and it’s really hard to create a perfect face painting without steady hands. If you notice your hand shaking while painting, it’s easy to steady it. Simply rest the pinky finger of your working on the skin of the subject while you’re doing the face paint and it will be steady, instantly.

Only Use Professional Paint and Accessories

It’s tempting to buy the cheapest paint or accessory you could find especially when you still don’t have that much budget for your supplies. However, the key to great-looking face painting is quality materials. You don’t need to break the bank though when shopping for your supplies. You could start saving up and invest on the essentials little by little until you build your whole face painting kit. Your investment on body art paint supplies will be worth it since high quality paints last longer and produce better colours than cheap ones.

Dry Before Layering

Face painting involves a lot of paint layering to create amazing contrasts and dimension. When layering, be sure to let the first layer dry first before applying another or you’ll just create a mess. Simply look at the paint from different angles and if it still has a little sheen on it, then it’s not yet fully dried.

Never Spritz the Paint

Some paints need to be activated before it can be applied evenly and smoothly. If this is the case, always spritz water on the sponge or the brush and never on the paint. Spraying water on the paint leaves too much water to pool in the containers, melting your paint and might even encourage mould and bacteria growth.

It takes a lot of trial and error to achieve a professional level of face painting. It’s great to have these tips so you’ll have a good start in your new hobby.