How to Recognise a Good Workspace for Rent

There are many different rental office types such as office spaces targeting start-up businesses, virtual offices and offices for large corporations. The parameters that you look for will be unique to the requirements of your business and long-time goals. So you need to make sure that you have a list of priorities when looking for office spaces and that you take sufficient time to research all your options and arrive at a good option.

The location should be at the top of your list when looking for commercial office space Brisbane. You can then think about the budgetary restraints. Having a run-down office in a bad neighbourhood will hurt your business far more than not having an office at all depending on the industry that you work in. You also need to think about the wellbeing of the employees when selecting the location so that it is close to public transport and food outlets. Your clients should be able to find the location of the office easily and have space to park. Make sure you inquire about the parking options from the landlord and check if there is an additional parking fee to be given to use the facilities at the premises. Another thing you need to look for is storage offered for employee use. As always a good internet connection is a must for businesses that are operating at this time as you will be managing your sales and customer care online as well as connecting to clients and business engagements. 

The office environment needs to be thought as well. Think about how the appearance of the building will affect the way your business is viewed. When meeting with potential clients, the first impression they get is the office environment so you need to be very careful in your office selection. You need to think about proximity to your customers, suppliers, competitors etc. This will make dealing with different parties easier. The location of competitors is also a critical factor. You need to have some proximity to the competitors so that you can be available for potential customers. But you need to balance the pressure of being next to a competitor as well.

Employee satisfaction is another factor for a thriving business. You need to make sure that their needs are met when selecting a location. Also, the ambience of the office needs to be thought of. You can work closely with an interior designer to zone the working spaces and create a functional layout. A well-lit office that is thoughtfully designed will ensure a boost in employee morale as well as productivity. It is good to plan for issues you may come up with in the future like what to do when repairs are needed and to clarify who will carry out the repairs from the beginning. You also need to do an inspection of the building to make sure there are no hidden issues that may come to light later. Make sure that you get legal help before you sign a lease so that you don’t enter into a biased agreement that benefits one party more.


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