How to Have A Stress-Free Christmas This Year

With the holiday season just around the corner, the ardent Christmas rush lovers are probably bringing down the decoration boxes from the attic or making a list of what gifts they need to buy.

As much as it is “the most beautiful time of the year” it can also be the most stressful. Caught between work, social obligations and now a global pandemic Christmas is looking a little hectic already. We don’t need anymore stress in our lives, so here are a few foolproof tips to keep the stress low this season.


You heard it right… pull out a notebook and write down all your expected expenses for the month. Although Christmas is the time for giving and receiving sometimes the giving can leave quite a hole in your wallet.

Before you go on your shopping spree it is advisable to budget your money and enjoy within your means. This way you don’t stress over unpaid bills along with a long shopping list. Also keep in mind it’s a long wait till your next pay check in January.

Be alright with saying no

December is a month of social obligations. It can be brunch with your friends, drinks after work with colleagues, cookie baking at your grand ma’s the list is endless. Truthfully speaking while it is enjoyable in the beginning it can get tiring later on.

However, with the pandemic still very much present social gatherings have been reduced and restrictions implemented, therefore your social obligations may be reduced. The changes in job stability and the instability of life may leave you feeling overwhelmed with the obligations of the season.Be able to say no or cancel obligations if it doesn’t’ t fit your budget or you aren’t in a position to attend.

Lessen the hassle

Rather than buying gifts, wrapping them can be a tiresome process. Searching for wrapping paper and packing gifts up, takes time and effort. Go for the easier option and buy Christmas gift bags instead.

They are much easier, look festive for the season, cheaper and are available on many online stores. This way all you have to do is slide your gift into a bag and present it. The easy, convenient and hassle-free option indeed.

Stress eating is not the solution

Sugar is everywhere during Christmas;every baked cookie or pie has unhealthy amounts of sugar in them. While you are allowed a cheat week or maybe two, relax on the sugar intake thereafter. Manage your holiday stress by doing light exercises or yoga so that you are stretched, healthy and burning the holiday calories.

Relax and enjoy time with family

At the end of the day Christmas is the time to kick back and whine down. Spend time with family and close friends you enjoy being with and embrace the holiday spirit. Avoid obligations you are not comfortable with and surround yourself with things and people you like, that are an automatic stress reliever.


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