How to Decorate a Circular Wedding Arbours

Planning a wedding can be hectic but it can also be incredibly rewarding. And you will have the memory of this special day with you forever as a celebration of love and togetherness. There are many decisions you will have to make in the wedding planning process and one of them is choosing the wedding backdrop. And a popular choice for this is the circular arbour.

Think about how to link the arbour with your wedding theme and style.

You can actually rent wedding arbours from which will help bring down the cost for décor. Some of the materials that arbours are made of are wood and metal. Many of them are decorated with flowers to create a dreamy look. You can choose a sleek metal circular arbour and decorate it with wildflowers or go for something more rustic. Think about how to highlight the wedding theme through the way you decorate the wedding arbour. The decorative elements will change according to this. You can use drapery and flowers for a classic appearance. And if you are having a beach wedding theme, you can use seashells for the decoration. The arbour can have natural textures, flowers and greenery if you are having a garden wedding. You can look for inspiration online for your wedding theme to see how you can add unique elements to create something beautiful.

You need to start with the basics when choosing décor.

This starts with deciding the foundation for the decorations which can be draping of a sheer fabric or greenery woven into the circular frame. This will be the main element that catches the eye and the rest of the elements you use will complement this. Many people use fresh flowers to decorate arbours but the way you place the flowers has a big effect on the final look. For example, you can have flowers covering the full circle or half the circle so that some part of the arbour is left exposed. The colours of the flowers will match your wedding theme and colour palette.

The arbour is where your ceremony will take place.

And a circular arbour allows you to create a focal point; one’s eye is naturally drawn into the centre. This allows you to add a statement arrangement of flowers or even a personalised element to the centre to enhance the focal point. Think about how lighting is added to the arbour in the form of candles, lanterns, fairy lights etc. You can create a cosy mood with soft lighting which can help you achieve an intimate setting for the wedding. There are so many ways to personalise the arbour such as adding elements that signify your journey together as a couple. This can be mementoes, photographs, quotes etc. This is what sets your arbour apart from something generic. And don’t hesitate to use natural elements in the arbour; this is especially important when you are having the arbour in an outdoor setting.