How to Create a Functional Kitchen Layout?

Functionality is a key component of the design of a kitchen. You have to make sure that the kitchen layout minimises the preparation time and that it allows you to find everything quickly. A kitchen is the central part of the house and it should be easily navigated. You need to think about the visual appeal as well but functionality comes first when you are first creating a layout for the space.

When you visit a kitchen remodelling contractor, they will usually have a designer in-house that will be able to ask for your requirements and work with you to achieve maximum functionality. One of the basic concepts of kitchen design is the working triangle that gives you an idea of the positions of the sink, stovetop and refrigerator. These are the three areas that are focal points of the design. Each side of the triangle should have a minimum of 4 feet in length. The maximum is 9 feet. This is the standard distance that shortens your journey between the three focal points and helps you conserve time. When there is a good flow between these two areas, you will be able to prepare food easier.

Another area that is looked at in kitchen designs Sydney is working zones. You have to organise the entire layout of the kitchen so that similar items are grouped together. There is a food preparation zone, a cleaning zone and a food storage zone. When it comes to the preparation area, you need to make sure that cutlery, cutting equipment, cooking equipment like pots and pans, the trash bins are all grouped in the same space so that you don’t have to run all over the place looking for items. Also, the preparation area should have the most counter space. When you have all the equipment close by to prepare food, it eliminates confusion and you can become more efficient. The cleaning zone will have a sink, a dishwasher and the cabinets in this area will have the plates, glasses, silverware, eating utensils etc. This way, you can wash the plates and place them inside the cabinet that is just close by.

The wet and dry storage can be separated. Also, when it comes to dry storage, make sure that daily use items are kept at an accessible height. You can also keep items such as mixing utensils, baking sheets etc. near the oven. When you are locating a sink in the kitchen, you have to make sure there is sufficient ventilation so that it will dry quickly. Generally, the sink is located near a window for this purpose. While there are many kitchen islands with sinks, it is best to locate the main sink on the benchtop in the periphery. When the main washing sink is on the island, there can be a lot of dirty dishes that pile up there and you will not have enough space to prepare or eat food. You can have a secondary smaller sink for hand washing purposes on the island especially if it is a big kitchen.

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