How to Choose a Psychologist for Couples Therapy

Couples therapy can go a long way towards strengthening your relationship and one of the factors affecting the success of the therapy is choosing the right psychologist. There are several factors you will need to consider when it comes to making this choice.

Consider the credentials and qualifications of the psychologist.

They should be licensed which ensures that they have gone through the required education and training. You can also check whether the psychologist specialises in couples therapy. Those who have undergone specialised training will have more experience when it comes to certain techniques and approaches. As not everyone specialises in couples therapy, you need to check which professional has an extensive background in this field. Experience matters a great deal when it comes to handling complex dynamics. You need to ask about their experience in dealing with issues that are similar to yours. You can also check types of counselling offered by Break Free Psychology Services. There are different therapeutic approaches taken by psychologist so you need to learn more about this and check which professional has one that aligns with your values and preferences. For example, some psychologists will have an emotionally focused approach or use cognitive behavioural techniques. You can research more about these methods to get a better understanding of what is best for your goals. 

You also need to

Establish a strong connection with the therapist in order to have open communication between you and your partner. A good way to gauge this will be to have an initial consultation scheduled so that you can get an idea of their style of communication and demeanour. There has to be a non-judgemental space where you and your partner can address issues and discuss about your relationship. This will ensure the productivity of the therapeutic process. You also need to check whether the availability of the psychologist aligns with the schedule of you and your partner. Decide what your preferred meeting times and whether this can be accommodated by the psychologist. It is important to have a consistent schedule when it comes to couples therapy so that a predictable rhythm can be achieved.

Ask about the cost for therapy at

The beginning so that you have a good idea of the financial aspect of things and whether they accept your insurance. This will maintain the transparency in the process and you will also be able to select a psychologist that suits your budget. Check whether there are payment options offered that make therapy more accessible to you. You can also check testimonials and online reviews to get an idea of what other clients have experienced and whether they are satisfied with the services of the psychologist. There are also ethical considerations in choosing a psychologist. There are certain ethical standards that the psychologists adhere to along with professional codes of conduct. You will need to verify this before going into the session. This will give you an idea of the confidentiality that will be maintained throughout the sessions.