How Playing A Musical Instrument Benefit You

There are numerous advantages to playing a musical instrument that if you don’t know how, you should start learning one now because it would actually benefit you physically, mentally, socially and emotionally as enumerated below.


Playing musical instruments benefit us physically because it could also be a form of cardio exercise like playing the drums which could be a whole-body workout. Playing other instruments could also train certain muscles in our arms and legs especially big instruments such as the cello or the piano. It also improves motor skills because playing most instruments require that we are flexible and nimble.

Moving our fingers, hands and feet to be in the same rhythm improve our ability to use our body parts which is recommended for kids with poor motor skills and for adults undergoing physical therapy. Playing wind instruments could also strengthen our lungs because the breathing becomes more controlled therefore making the respiratory system healthier. Musicians also said that their hearing improved after being able to play a musical instrument.


Studies have shown that playing an instrument makes us smarter. Listening to music and playing an instrument are activities that release elements in our brain that strengthen our mental capabilities. With these enhanced mental capacities, we become better in math and sharpen our memories.

It is also great for our mental health because playing a musical instrument is a good stress reliever. For those who are having a hard time concentrating, learning to play a musical instrument helps since playing an instrument requires focus, training our brain to only focus at the task at hand.


Learning a musical instrument is a social activity especially if you register and enrol at Melbourne music centre. You would have an opportunity to make new friends who share the same interest at you and it would make learning easier and more fun. Extroverts would thrive in a social environment such as music centres and institutions while introverts would have the chance to come out of their shells being in a comfortable environment.


Music stirs all kinds of emotions in us. A song could make us happy or sad. It has a powerful pull on our feelings and when we play a song that makes us feel things on a musical instrument, we feel happy as we are overcome with a sense of accomplishment for mastering the chords or notes to play the song. When we play a musical instrument, it also makes the people around us happy especially when everyone knows the song and started singing.

With these numerous benefits, start now to consider which musical instrument you should start learning. If you don’t have the time or if you feel like you are already too old to learn a complicated instrument, there are still numerous instruments that you could play such as percussion instruments, ukulele and piano. Remember to take it slow and don’t be discouraged even if your progress is slow. Take your time and don’t forget to enjoy.