Great Ways to Make Your Bath More Enticing

Why have a boring shower when there’s so many fun ways to enjoy your bath and make it as relaxing as possible? Keep reading to find out how you can turn your tub into a much-deservedspa space for some sanctity and self-love time.

Make essential oils your best friend

We all know the power essential oils can have on one’s health. You can choose the perfect bubble bath infused with essential oils or just pour drops of organic essential oil into your bath. Either ways, the calming effects through the blissful scents of essential oils can help you loosen and relax. It’s important to find the perfect essential oil that would benefit you as well as one that you would love. This could be a singular scent or a combination of two scents such as lavender and citrus or rosemary and peppermint.

A melody to your ears

Your favourite tune can bring your bath a whole lot of vibe. If you want to simply close your eyes and unwind, the best choice of music would be something subtle and soothing. It can help you unwind relax and loosen the knots of stress. But if you’re in need for something much more energetic and vibrant, an upbeat music could help you enjoy your bath a whole lot better.

Watch that bath bomb blows up

Scented and fizzy baths bombs can take your bath fun to a whole new level. To watch the colours pop and swirl in such a magical manner in your tub makes it entertaining and gets you feeling as excited as a kid. If you’re on the look for some perfect bath bombs Australia has many stores with great collections. The right bath bomb tends to do more than just spread colour, it’s packed with luscious fragrances and ingredients that help refresh your skin leaving it soft and supple. 

Grab that caddy

Want to relish in reading a book or drink a glass of wine or even catch up on your show while having a bath without dropping it all into the tub with a splash? The right kind of bath caddy can get you placing anything you want on it without having to worry about your things getting wet. It’s like a stylish and much needed bath tub accessory to help make your bath all the more enjoyable and helps you indulge in the endless possibilities of entertaining yourself.

Drowning in petals and candlelight

Now although this can make for a romantic setting, what’s a better form of self-love than to set the mood of your bath as something romantic and cosy all for yourself? Step into that tub filled with gorgeous fresh petals that feel like silk against your skin and enjoy the candlelight dance around you quietly as the calming scents surround you in peace, love and tranquillity.

Having such appealing options can make it hard to get out of the delightful bath bubble once you’re transfixed in it. From the five options above, what’s your go to choose?