Features that make resin-based artwork sell better in the 2020s

Resin-based artworks are one of the most popular and best-selling types of artwork. Hence, it’s natural to have a congested market due to that high demand. Your objective should always be to give enough reasons to the clients to choose your products over the others. In doing so, here are some of the best features that would definitely help you sell better.

Offering the clients to include a personal item

Everyone likes to relate what they come across to them, movies, songs, and even some scents. Hence, if you’re letting your customers put personal items such as pendants, necklaces, bracelets, beads, and even photographs in a mold, that would surely be a reason why they deviate from mainstream resin artists to you. Making the best use of this tactic is always creativity-based and exploring all the possible methods of personalization is a responsibility up to you.

The glowing characteristics

Going that extra mile is always going to be impactful for the potential buyers. After all, it’s a special characteristic that makes your artwork stand out from the rest. Transitioning to the use of glowing pigments is one of the most rarely used yet extremely popular types of artwork tactics.

Although there can be glowing pigments in the form of liquid,  glow in the dark resin pigments work the best when they’re in the form of powder. This is due to the change of physical form from a powder to a component in a liquid mixture. That way, you’ll be able to bring an extra allure to your creativedesigns based on resin.

Layering in resin molds

The biggest downside of conventional resin molds is the use of a single color. Although these artworks still can be quite attractive, there are enough such options in the market. Hence, you should decide whether to be one of the several or be one of the few.

Because technically speaking, layering with resins is not an easy task. But as long as you time them right, each layer coming on top of the lower one after 6-8 hours of settling, it wouldn’t be all too hard to layer your resin mold. However, you should always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines in some resin brands to ensure the layers don’t intermix.

The choice of more bespoke dimensions, molds, and frames

If not for the bespoke window makers, architects would have to go out of their way to design by standardized sizes. Given how craftmanship would surely pay back, offering personalized dimensionsof all the molds and frames and even mold depths would be one more reason why your client pool goes up.


All of the above features can perfectly be achieved when you’re using high-quality products. The rule of thumb is always to go for branded resin supplies since it involves a lot of chemicals. As long as your supplies are from a reliable brand, it wouldn’t be all too hard to appeal to the existing resin market.


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