Factors That Can Damage Your Car Keys

Car keys are an essential element that you need to keep track of in your daily life. There are many instances where you will find yourself looking for a lost car key. Also, with frequent use, the key will be subjected to a lot of wear and tear. You can reduce this wearing by learning how to care properly for the keys.

You need to make sure that the keys are not exposed to extreme weather conditions.

The structural integrity of the keys will be affected by intense heat and cold. When they are kept in an environment that has high temperatures, the key fobs can warp or malfunction. When they are exposed to extreme cold, the materials can contract and the key can become brittle and break easily. You can prevent these occurrences from happening by using a protective case for the keys. And always train yourself not to leave the keys in direct sunlight for a long period. You can inform other users of the vehicle about this as well. Many vehicle owners obtain the services of Minute Solutions car key cutting to create spare keys so that they can use the spare and the original key from time to time so that wear and tear can be managed.

Most of the time,

People tend to keep car keys in their pockets or bags and they will be sharing the space with smartphones, pens, coins etc. This makes them more likely to become damaged. There can also be impact. When the keys are rubbing with other objects constantly, this can cause dents and scratches. In certain situations, the key blades can bend. You need to have a separate pocket to keep the car keys so that it is protected and don’t come into contact with other objects. You need to avoid throwing them into a bag where there are so many other things. The keys can come into contact with chemicals such as those in household cleaning agents, hand lotions ad sanitizers. This can corrode the metal components. Sometimes this exposure can cause damage to the electronic circuits in the key fobs. So you have to be mindful in washing your hands after using products such as this if you are planning to handle your keys immediately afterwards.

You have to keep up with regular maintenance for the keys.

This is something that is overlooked by many vehicle owners. By carrying out basic care such as lubricating the key locks and cleaning them, you can ensure the longevity of the keys. This is because lubrication can reduce friction and wear on the key the key will operate smoothly because of this. But when you overlook this, you will find yourself facing difficulty in turning the key in the ignition or inserting the key into the lock. You can clean and lubricate both the key and the lock from time to time to prevent this. There can also be dirt and debris accumulated in the creases of the keys which can affect its mechanism. You need to use a soft brush to clean this so that the debris is removed.