Common Foot Related Injuries from Playing Sports

Many athletic activities involve strenuous exercise that can often affect the foot. Below listed are the common foot conditions.

Achilles’ tendinitis

Achilles’ tendon is the largest tendon, that attaches the calf muscles to the heel bone. This tendon facilitates in running, jumping and walking and gets injured when engaging in strenuous physical activity.

Main causes of Achilles tendinitis are any activity that causes strain to the tendon like engaging in a workout without proper warm up, straining the calf muscles during some activity, sudden increase in intensity of training not allowing the body enough time to adapt, wearing ill-fitting shoes

Symptoms are swelling in the back of your foot, discomfort when walking, tightened calf muscles, heels warm to touch.

Main treatment method is rest, avoiding activity that causes increased strain, taking anti-inflammatory medicine and more. For foot related problems, you can go to a Sports podiatry Kew professional if you live in the area. In cases where medical treatment doesn’t work surgery has to be sought.

Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fascia is a ligament that connects the heel of your foot to the front of your foot. Fasciitis is the inflammation of this ligament. The main function of this ligament is acting as a shock absorber and also to support the bottom of your foot thereby helping in walking.

This area of the foot is subjected to lot of wear and tear leading to the damage of the ligament causing the inflammation.

Main complaints of people suffering from this is pain which can be sharp or dull and this can make activities like walking very difficult the pain is usually worse in the morning as a result of immobility over the night. The heels can become very stiff and those suffering from this condition often feel the pain after the cessation of activity.

Causes of plantar fasciitis is obesity due to increased pressure in the foot, long distance running, active job that involves being on the feet for long periods of time.

Treatment is rest, ice and using braces and anti-inflammatory medications are also used and if that doesn’t help with the pain corticosteroids are injected. Physical therapy also helps, which focuses on strengthening the lower leg muscles.

Stress fracture

Stress fracture is when there is a small crack on the bone seen mainly in the metatarsals of the foot of the runner. This occurs when the intensity and training are increased for a long time, because of the stress placed on the foot. Symptoms seen with stress fractures are pain associated with weight bearing activities, swelling and tenderness. Treatment for this mainly relies on rest and wearing of protective footwear.

Athlete’s foot

It is a common skin infection seen in those doing sports and is caused by a fungus called tinea pedis. This fungus mainly affects the bottom of the foot but may also involve the nails and hand. Main signs and symptoms are itching, scaling, cracking and redness.

Although most resolve on their own antifungal may speed up the process. To prevent this condition, it is very important to wash the footwear properly.