Choose the Right Shoes for Your Big Day

Wedding is one of the most important part of our life. So, it natural that you want to enjoy this special day to the fullest. But what if your uncomfortable shoes ruin your day. You definitely cannot let something small like that make you anxious on your wedding. You have to pick the perfect shoes in which you feel comfortable yet elegant. There are many styles and types of bridal shoes available now. So here are some options you have to choose from for your wedding.

Platform Heels

You sure have seen in movies where the actresses running around wearing slim high heels. This looks impossible in real life because we don’t get to walk on only flat roads and also, we are not in a condition to run with heels like that. However, platform heels are ideal for brides. You can run around as much as you like without feeling any pain as the platform of these shoes reduce the stress from your feet.

Kitten Heels

If you want to wear heals but cannot give up on your comfort, then these types of shoes are the perfect option for you. Kitten heels bridal footwear are very sweet and ideal for the brides who seek stylish and comfort at the same time.

Flat Wedding Shoes

These bridal shoes got no heels at all and considered the most comfortable. Despite of having no heels, bridal flat shoes are very classy decorated with studs and sequins. With sweet and simple designs, you can run around in these shoes all you want. However, flat bridal shoes can be recommended only if you are tall.

Beaded Pumps

Beaded pumps bridal shoes will give the shine every bride needs. These shoes will add glamour without making you uncomfortable. Also, this one of the best type of shoes to attract attention.

Designer Stilettos

These are slim high heels which look long and very stylish. Stilettos are also very glamorous. However, you have to choose this if you know you are not going to walk around much.

Lace Bridal Shoes

Lace bridal shoes are humble and lace always adds elegance to everything. It also looks elegant on any bridal outfit. Lace will make you look slimmer and lace shoes are one of the most comfortable of all types of bridal shoes. You can also add elements like diamonds and pearls to give your lace shoes a bit of a shine.

Vintage Bridal Shoes

Vintage bridal shoes are usually strapped shoes and consists of more beads and diamonds to add shine. These can be mostly flat shoes or kitten heels and comes mostly in white and silver.

Full Length Handmade Bridal Shoes

Every bride is looking to make everything unique to make her wedding more special. These handmade shoes are special customized shoes for the brides and bride’s comfort is specially considered when making these shoes.

Apart from these types there are other options you have such as white, ivory, red, pearl and Indian style bridal shoes to choose according to your preference. Always make sure you match your bridal shoes to your dress and other accessories to make it look more elegant.