Buying the Best Hand Sanitizer- 5 Things to Consider

Hand sanitizers save you the trouble of constantly washing your hands. As there are so many available, you might be confused about which to get. Don’t fret, our points would help.

What is it Made From?

You can get sanitizers in two main forms. One of them would mainly be made from alcohol while the other would be made from antiseptic/antimicrobial agents. Of the two, alcohol-based ones are the easiest to find. They happen to be the most affordable too, especially if you’re going to buy large bottles in bulk.

Usually, the options made from antiseptic and antimicrobial agents keep your skin soft and subtle. They won’t leave a strong smell on your hands either.

Alcohol Percentage

As alcohol-based options are the most common, you should keep in mind the percentage of alcohol in them.  To be effective, there should be at least a 60-90 percentage. When it comes to which sanitiser works best, the higher the alcohol content the better.

If you look at the sanitizer, it would say the percentage on the side of the bottle.

How Does It Smell?

Different sanitizers give off different scents. Generally, pure alcohol ones have strong scents. That’s why manufacturers pour perfumes in them.

As there are thousands of different sanitizers available, make sure that you’re buying one that’s in a scent you like. Personally, orange and vanilla ones are the best. They tend to not be very strong, and keep making you want to smell your palms.

The Bottle Size

You want what you’re buying to last a while, so pick a large bottle up. Some brands sell sanitizers in massive 1-liter bottles. If you’re going to be using the sanitizers in an office, these options would be the most worth your time.

Just like there are super large ones, smaller options can be bought too. They’d be good if you don’t have much space and are traveling.

Automatic Dispenser

Speaking of using them for the office, why not get a hold of an automatic dispenser? You’d place the sanitizer inside. When you put your hand in, the machine would dispense the liquid to your palms. This eliminates cross contamination.

Is It Pricey?

Why spend a lot on hand sanitizer? They all do the same job – kill germs. However, some options would be more expensive than others, depending on the brand you’re buying from and the packaging the bottle is coming in. You could be smart, buying large options in bulk – you’ll be saving the most.


Once you’ve purchased the sanitizer, how will you have to store it? Is it made from super sensitive chemicals that can’t be exposed to any light at all? If so, you’re going to have an issue.

Final Thoughts

There are thousands of hand sanitizers available. The points we ran through would help you find the right one. When it comes to them, keep in mind whether they are alcohol or antiseptic-based. Alcohol options are the most common – the option you’re interested in should have an alcohol percentage between 60-95%.