Are You into Fitness and Trying to Get Back on The Grind?

Are you trying to get back into the fitness grind after lock down and just need some motivation? Read on for some tips that could help you.

Prepping your mind

It all starts with your mind; you need to start telling yourself you can do it and you will as cliché as it seems you know it is true.

You could start watching back fitness coaches on YouTube videos or any other motivational videos you like to bring you back into that Mamba mentality – as Kobe Bryant would say it. You could also envision your body and self with the desired physique are aiming for, and this would help you get back into it.

Building your stamina

Since lockdown, gyms were shut down – you do want your body to get customed to the trainings so start slow and build your stamina. Cardio is a good way to blow off steam whilst increasing your BPM levels.

You could try swimming too, just for the first few weeks till your body can take the weights, but this depends on you, your stamina and body.

Meal preps

It’s time to get back onto the meal prepping lifestyle. You could look for a fruit and veg shop near me and order what you need.

After you’ve chosen your meals, you need to start prepping them and storing them in the fridge which you know. This is easy and cost effective!

Try taking a buddy

When you are trying to reach your motivation mindset, a gym buddy could further boost your mindset and help you get back on the grind.

However, if you like working out on your own, just tell yourself you can do this and play out some loud motivating music.

Take rest days

Don’t be too hard on yourself the first few weeks, try to take rest days and build yourself. On your rest days you have to eat the meal preps too or no gains!

Weigh yourself

You can weigh yourself on the day you start without food consumption and then again, a week later, you can repeat this.

However only do this if you know it will motivate you and not upset you, you know yourself the most.

Don’t be hard on yourself

As much as you want to stay motivated and fit, chill a little you are on the way back into your best self and that’s all that matters. It is normal to not feel motivated right at the beginning.

Do other things too whilst getting back into fitness, try to read a book or hang with your friends’ time to time. Reading is a better option and you don’t need to depend on anyone then. You could also watch some movies in your free time and relax. It is important for you to balance it out.


We want to wish you well, and lastly let you know that this is only a guide for you to follow – you could change up and do your own routine the way you like. Make sure that you eat well and motivate yourself whilst also enjoying other activity!


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