Amazing Duties of Being a Nurse

Being a nurse is more than just taking patient’s information and administering medications. Most people see nurses just on the surface, like providing assistance and care for patients. However, nurses do more than just those tasks. Here are some of the amazing duties of nurses that are often unnoticed by most people.

Notice Problems Quickly

Nurses are the ones who take in patient information from the time they get in the healthcare institution, throughout their stay and until they leave. Being a good nurse requires a good and quick eye in noticing problems and irregularities in their patient’s conditions and symptoms. Catching these problems earlier can help prevent the patient’s condition from getting worse.

Nurses also need to check their patient’s test results to see if there are any issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible. Nurses work hand in hand with doctors in diagnosis and treatment of their patients that’s why they should have a keen eye for irregularities and have good communication skills as well to explain the conditions well to the doctor.

Before you can become a nurse, you’ll need to finish a degree first in nursing care. However, you may also opt for a nursing diploma instead by having an enrolled nurse course Melbourne. It takes lesser time yet provides you with the essential knowledge you’ll need to become a good nurse.

Educating Patients

Aside from taking care and helping out patients, it is also a nurse’s responsibility to educate not just the patients but their family as well. Before they go home, you’ll need to explain thoroughly on how to care for the patient after leaving the hospital. Nurses can also teach patients relevant skills they need to know such as proper breastfeeding for new moms, proper medicine administration, and a lot more. This helps a lot in assuring the speedy recovery of the patient even at home.

Building Trust

Trust is an important ingredient of the healthcare profession. The more a patient trusts you, the better you can provide care and support for them and their family as well. For instance, when you need to inject or insert an IV to someone who is afraid of needles, you’ll need to calm them down first and assure them that everything will go out fine. When patients trust their caregiver, there are lesser challenges that could hinder the process of their healing and recovery.

Never Stops Learning

Aside from studying more about new illnesses or conditions, nurses should also be up to date with the latest technological advancements in medicine – from learning how to operate new machines and administering new treatment regimens. That way, they could provide better quality of care for their patients, helping them heal and recover quickly from the illness or condition that they have.

Being a good nurse requires a lot of effort. However, if it is really your passion, you’ll definitely have so much fulfilment in doing your duties and responsibilities on a daily basis.


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