All About Himalayan Salt

Taking care of your health is important. Do it no matter how busy your life is. Remember, we only have one life to live so give all the TLC that it needs so you’d prevent yourself from having life-threatening illnesses. Exercise, eat a healthy and well-balanced diet, sleep properly and have a positive attitude. When it comes to food, try to make your meals at home.

It will help you save money. Not only that, you know what’s on your food. Therefore, invest in essentials that can help you do it. Also, don’t forget to have ingredients that you can use for cooking. One of these is Himalayan Salt. However, what’s a Himalayan Salt? In case you’re wondering, here are some information about it.

What is Himalayan salt

The Himalayan salt is a type of salt that’s pink in colour by nature. It is extracted near the foothills of the Himalayas in Pakistan. It’s believed to have been developed a million years ago from the evaporation of ancient bodies of water. A lot of people claimed that it’s packed with minerals that’s good for the body, which means it’s a better choice than a regular table salt. It’s chemically akin to regular table salt as it consists up to 98% sodium chloride.

How to Use Himalayan Salt

Much like regular table salt, Himalayan salt has many uses. Chunks of Himalayan salt can come in handy in serving dishes. Also, it can be useful in cooking surfaces as well as in bathing. You can put it in marinades and sauces or add to your dish. But whenever you’re using any kind of salt in big quantity, it’s important to take into consideration how finely it’s ground. For your Himalayan salt needs, check out Himalayan pink grinder salt that come in different sizes.

Himalayan Salt has More Minerals

Both regular table salt and Himalayan salt contain mostly of sodium chloride. The only difference is, Himalayan salt has up to 84% of trace minerals. These minerals are calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium.

Himalayan Salt Intake

Although sodium is important for sustaining life, it’s indispensable to control your salt intake, including Himalayan salt. If you have heart or kidney problems, you have to monitor your sodium intake at all costs. In fact, even people without any illnesses have to be careful, too. Better be safe than sorry, right?

Himalayan Salt Benefits

Unlike the regular table salt, Himalayan salt offers an array of health benefits. Do you want an impressive post-workout hack? Have some Himalayan salt and lemon water. It works like a sports drink as it can help regain the electrolytes you lose when you work out.

Also, Himalayan salt can help you have a good night’s sleep every night and boost your mood and well-being. In fact, Himalayan lamps are helpful, too. Himalayan lamps are fast becoming popular because of its capability to purify indoor air and reduce allergies.

Including Himalayan salt to your life is a great idea. However, see to it that you take it in small amounts if you’d be using it for preparing meals.


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