Advantages of Having a Security Window Film

We use so much glass in construction that it is in our homes, shops, offices, factories etc. But while there are definitely plus points to glass such as visibility, bringing in light and creating views to outside, there is a safety component to consider as well. When glass breaks, there is a risk to safety.

There Is Tempered Glass

Which is actually called safety glass which is used in areas such as showers, car windows etc. as it is less likely to cause harm to people even when it shatters. But many people use normal glass for window panes and even shop fronts as it is more cost-effective and when this shatters, the glass will have jagged edges that can cut and injure. This is when you can use a safety glass film. The way it works is quite simple. You can fit it for the window after the window is completed.

So even if you have a traditional glass window, there is no need to replace it with something else. You can simply apply the safety film onto it to improve the safety of the glass. This is a more cost-effective method. In the event that the glass breaks, the film will keep the shards together so that no glass falls on the ground causing harm to people.

Applying safety film on the glass is not a preventative method for breaking glass. What it does is add protection when the glass breaks. Also, depending on the thickness of the film and grade of the film used, the resistance of the glass to breakage will increase slightly. However, this is not the main reason that people use safety film. You can use the safety film as a way of deterring theft.

While it will not stop a determined thief, if a person breaks the window, the film will keep the glass in place which can prevent somebody from putting their hand through the glass and grabbing a valuable item. This will delay a thief from robbing your house or workplace. Most tend to smash a window and take something that is in range and leave as soon as possible but the safety film will definitely eat away their time and make them second guess their actions.

And as mentioned above, safety glass is an excellent way of preventing injuries that can be caused by a broken window. As the film keeps the shards of glass together, you will not be stepping on broken glass. Even natural disasters can cause a window to break when there are trees close to the house.

When there is high wind, there is a risk of a branch going through the window and this can cause glass to shatter everywhere. This can be prevented by the window film. And this is also a good option for deterring or minimizing damage done by vandals. Even if a vandal spray paints on the window, you can simply peel off the film and replace it.