6 Things to Consider Before Buying a Used Van

Thinking about purchasing a second-hand van? Why not give our article a go? We’ve talked all about the points that’d help you make the best purchase.

Is It Easy to Drive?

Vans are harder to manoeuvre than cars. You want to make sure that you’d be able to handle the vehicle easily– take it out on a drive. How does its steering wheel feel in your hands?

Not just the wheels, but its brakes are important too. On an open stretch of road, you’ll be able to test them out. What’s important when testing the brakes is nothing if any sounds were made. If you hear a squeak or squeal, you’re best off not picking the unit up.

Look at Its Tires

Inspect its tires carefully. Make sure to look at their sidewalls and treads. Of course, look at the spare tires that the van is coming with too.

The treads are the rubber on the tires that make contact with the road. In several countries, treads that are less than 1.6 mm are illegal. They should be in decent condition.

If the sidewalls are damaged, there might be steering problems with the vehicle.

Replacement Parts

When it comes to second-hand vehicles, no matter the type, you’re advised to think about how easy it would be to get parts for them. When it comes to vans, you’d see that Toyota Hi Ace parts are relatively easy to get a hold of. But this might not be true for other models. The van you’re interested in could have been released a long time ago.

How Does It Look?

Even though it’s used, you might’ve still spent a pretty penny on it. That’s why the vehicle should look good. If it has rust, it’d not only be an eye-sore, but it might not work the best. For example, its doors might not close or open that well. If you shut them too fast, there is a chance they’d break too.

As you can imagine, a unit that is not in the best condition wouldn’t cost that much. If your budget isn’t huge, you could purchase a van that isn’t in great condition and try to do it up.

Service History

You’ll know the condition of the unit by going through its service history. Unfortunately, documentation of service history is not something all sellers might provide. The best ones would, so look out for them.

Is the Inside Comfortable?

You’d likely be driving many people in your van – you may be using it for ride-sharing. The vehicle needs to have an interior that is comfortable and looks good. As it’s used, there could be odours coming from its interior. Avoid such options.

Final Thoughts

As you saw from all the points discussed, there are many things to consider when thinking of buying a van used. If you’re in need of one but don’t have a large budget, it would be the way to go. But make sure that it’s in decent condition, as otherwise, it would break down soon.