6 Benefits of Joining an Apprenticeship

Whether you’re an aspiring cook, carpenter or black-smith, there are many advantages of joining an apprenticeship. We’ve run through them below. Keep reading.

Earn Money

One of the biggest advantages of getting an apprenticeship is that you’ll be refining your craft as well as making cash. Depending on where you go to work, a lot of money could be made. You’re advised to look around so that you go for the ones that bring in the most cash.

Know that the money made at first is the basic-wage. However, it can double or even triple overtime. This usually takes place right after a year of training has been completed.


Who doesn’t want their resume to look good? The more qualifications and experience you have; the more employers would want to work with you. Working under an expert in your field would look great on your CV. What’s more, you’d likely be getting a certificate once the program has finished.

As mentioned, doing your research on the apprenticeship is important. If you’re looking for apprenticeships Melbourne and other major cities are notorious for having many.


What are you training in? The industry might be very saturated. You’d want many contacts. The training would let you have an expert in your circle, so you would know someone that could pull strings and help with your career. And he may put you in contact with other esteemed people in the field, helping you even more.


One of the most obvious advantages of getting an apprenticeship is that your skills would improve. The training would likely be for a year or two. In that period, you would be exposed to professional settings, taking you from a novice to someone almost as skilled as the person you’re working under. This is especially true in fields like cookery and carpentry. Some of the world’s best chefs started as apprentices. You’ve probably heard of Marco Pierre White and Gordon Ramsey before.

Personalized Support

Your skills would improve due to the setting you’re being thrown into. But it would also get better as you’re working with an expert that would constantly be providing support. If you are the only apprentice in the program, the support would be personalized, letting you improve tenfold.


When joining the training programs, you’re still seen as a student. Your government or local council may offer you special discounts because of this status. Why wouldn’t you want to make use of this?

Final Thoughts

If there are many apprentices near you, you have no reason to not try them out. The experience would look good on your resume. And you would learn valuable skills that would help with your career. One of the best things about joining the program is that your ability in the craft would improve – you’d have an expert guiding you. If there are not that many people in the program, the support you’d get would be one-on-one.

So, what do you think? Will you be on the hunt for any programs to join?