4 Tips to Help You Switch off on Holiday

You finally get a week off of work after slaving at your job week after week and you’re excited to go on your first vacation for the year. You load up your truck and you start getting on the road. You’re jamming out to some good tunes and all of a sudden you get a call from work. If the above sounds similar to you, we recommend reading the below listed as this will help you totally switch off during your holiday.

Put Your Phone Away

We get it, it’s hard. However, it must be done if you want to be totally present and enjoy the vacation that you’ve booked for yourself. When you’re off work, you shouldn’t be paying attention to work emails and urgent calls. If you have a boss or coworkers that doesn’t respect these boundaries, we suggest requesting that they do not reach out to you in advance.

Putting your phone away is the best step to take when you want to enjoy your vacation.

We get it, you’re not going to be able to post your room tour at the reign inn hotels on your Instagram stories, but you’ll see that you will be way more relaxed this way.

Take A Book

Have you ever had that one book that you’ve meant to read for the longest time? The book that sits on your shelf collecting dust and giving you dirty looks every time you make eye contact with it?

Well, it’s time to read that book.

Having a book to read will be a great way to get your phone out of your face and help you unwind without having the stimulus of a phone buzzing to catch your attention. 

Splurge on Accommodation

If you rarely ever get time to go on a vacation, be sure to book yourself a very nice hotel room in a very nice hotel. This will set the tone for the rest of your holiday so be sure to go all out when booking this hotel room.

If you were to cheap out on accommodation only to realize that you’ve booked a room that is a bit of a letdown, you’re going to be disappointed for the remainder of your trip and its really going to dampen the mood.

Have anItinerary.

One of the biggest mistakes is to go on vacation without having a plan. However, if you’re only looking to wind down and relax on your vacation, this might work the best for you.

For those of you who want more out of your vacation, you should definitely have some activities and plans thought out before embarking on the journey. Even if you do not have a full blown itinerary, having an idea of what activities you want to do will be more than enough.

Going on vacation is fun and relaxing so eliminate anything that takes the joy out of it for you. That is the way to ensure that you have an amazing holiday time.